Step Three: Reducing Oil & Sebum Production

If you have read the articles on curing acne through balancing hormones, then you understand just HOW BIG A ROLE sebum production plays in the formation of acne. In your attempt to stop acne for good, so that you can look better than ever, one thing is inevitable – you must stop your sebaceous glands from becoming over-active.

Acne is synonymous with excess sebum, but by eating a specific healthy diet and balancing your lifestyle, you can literally control how much oil your skin’s glands produce. Think about that for a minute: if you are able to reduce the amount of facial oil produced by your sebaceous glands, you are effectively preventing your pores from getting clogged. I have said this many times: If your pores are not clogged with dirt and sebum, there is simply no chance for acne to form on your skin.

Anyone with acne will be able to benefit greatly from the information that is about to be revealed on this page.

The Prostaglandins

Your prostaglandins are like managers of many systems within your body. They transfer messages and instructions from your cells to your hormones so they can create modifications in your body. When it comes to acne, your prostaglandins alter the sebaceous gland secretions so they control the amount of oil is produced by the glands.

  • Prostaglandins are also known to regulate hormone levels, inflammation, metabolism and temperature.
  • Good prostaglandins promote clear skin and eliminate inflammation, while bad prostaglandins promote inflammation and cause acne breakouts.

But how do you get more good prostaglandins and remove the bad ones? Simple! By just adjusting your diet so that your body gets specific nutrients that are fundamentally important for the production of good prostaglandins.

Good prostaglandins are manufactured by the body when you eat a healthy diet and have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, bad prostaglandins are produced by the body because you have consumed foods that contain an excessive amount of saturated fats and fried foods (which have fats that are structurally damaged and therefore, slightly radical). Stress, anxiety and high sugar foods also trigger the production of more bad prostaglandins.

Omega-3 the Major Building Block for Good Prostaglandins

It is not always feasible or practical to eat a perfectly healthy diet and be stress-free every single day, but you can start by eating in the main ingredient for good prostaglandins – the omega-3 essential fatty acid. Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory, and helps to prevent acne breakouts. Other than that, omega-3 promotes the production of more good prostaglandins which promotes healthy clear skin and prevent inflammation. You can get omega-3 from seafoods like trout, salmon and sardines, and plant sources like flaxseeds or flaxseed oil.

Zinc for Clear Skin

Zinc is another very important nutrient for acne-free skin. Zinc is required to help convert the omega-6 fats found in nuts and seeds into good prostaglandins. Zinc is also needed to produce and release many hormones. Other than that, your body needs zinc to regulate oil gland activity. It is for these reasons that zinc is effectively used by many people to cure acne.

Unfortunately, zinc deficiency is very common and it can be caused by the following:

  • High calcium and salt intake prevents the absorption of zinc. Each of these minerals compete against each other to get absorbed by the body. Let’s say you eat a lot of calcium-rich foods and salty foods, then chances are the little zinc you get from your daily diet will not be absorbed by your body.
  • Regular consumption of alcohol. Zinc is required to filter out alcohol, so drinking alcoholic beverages is probably the last thing you want to do if you want to maximize the zinc’s effect on clearing up your skin.
  • Zinc is depleted by stress, coffee, tea and high fiber diets. All these, especially coffee and stress, are almost inevitable in life.

Vital Zinc Facts:

  • Zinc improves your immune system and prevents unwanted inflammation.
  • Zinc is a very effective nutritional cure for acne.
  • It promotes the production of good prostaglandins, which greatly help to reduce the production of sebum by your oil glands.
  • For these reasons, zinc is a very effective and important mineral for clear skin. But how do you get sufficient amount of zinc?
  • You can easily get all the zinc your body needs by taking a good zinc supplement. Foods that contain a lot of zinc mineral include oysters, wheat germ, watercress salad, bran flakes amd red meat.
  • Try getting about 20mg of zinc to fight off acne.
  • A study that was conducted by a group of scientists found that within 4 weeks, 85% of the acne sufferers who take zinc supplement daily was able to clear up their skin.

Say NO to Dairy Products (Not Exactly a Practical Advice)

Milk and other dairy products are closely associated with acne outbreaks. Researches show that dairy consumption increased the risk of acne and this may have been due to the animal hormones found in milk products.

Dairy products also contain some arachidonic acid, which is also the major building block for bad prostaglandins. By cutting down on the consumption of dairy products, you will be able to reduce the amount of bad prostaglandins and control the activity of the oil glands. For this reason, removing dairy products from the diet helps to eliminate acne quickly.

Say No to Accutane, but Yes to Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also important for healthy, clear skin as it helps to reduce oil production if your glands are overstimulated by the androgens. Accutane, the world’s most powerful drug for acne, is actually derived from vitamin A. Since Accutane causes so many negative side effects, you will want to stay away from it and stick with the natural food sources of vitamin A.

Carrots as well as sweet potatoes are two of the foods that contain the most amount of vitamin A and I have had some great successes with these. The easiest way to get all the vitamin A for clear skin is by drinking some pure carrot juice everyday.

Conclusion and a Recap of the Article:
A few things that you have learned thus far…

  1. Prostaglandins regulate inflammation and oil gland activity. Good prostaglandins are highly beneficial as they reduce inflammation and prevent acne breakout. Bad prostaglandins on the other hand promotes the development of acne.
  2. Good prostaglandins are produced when you eat foods that are rich in Omega-3, omega-6, and zinc. Dairy products as well as fried foods trigger the production of more bad prostaglandins.
  3. Zinc ensures low sebaceous glands activity and for this reason, helps to prevent and clear up acne. It helps to lower the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands.
  4. Vitamin A is another vitamin that can reduce oil production when your glands are overstimulated. You can get all the vitamin A you need by eating foods like sweet potatoes and carrots.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. I do hope that you will apply the knowledge that you have just obtained and utilize the healing effects of the natural solutions discussed in this article.

I have no doubt that by putting the information into pure action will allow you to clear up and get rid of your acne. If you are looking for a more detailed, step-by-step acne treatment program make sure you click here now!

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