Step Two: Cleanse Your Liver to Remove Excess Hormones

Not many people know the information that is about to be revealed to you in this article. 99.99 percent (slight exaggeration) of the global population do not know that it is possible to contain excessive hormone levels. Now, you might be wondering, just exactly why is it necessary to deal with hormonal imbalance? You see, hormonal imbalance is a major factor of acne.

The Role of Hormones in Causing Severe Acne

Hormones are produced and released by the body for many different functions. One of the functions of androgens is to stimulate the sebaceaous glands so that facial sebum is secreted to the skin’s surface. The amount of facial oil produced and released by the glands goes hand-in-hand with the amount of hormone androgens released by the body.

What Happens when Excessive Amounts of Hormones are Released into the Bloodstream?

Hormonal imbalance (that involves elevated production of hormones) leads to increased production of facial oil. The excessive facial sebum easily causes pore clogging. When the pore is stuffed with too much facial oil and other elements such as dirt and debris, the formation of acne begins when bacterial infection and inflammation take place.

To illustrate the effects of excess hormone levels – during puberty, a surge in hormones such as sex hormones and androgens occurs. This is exactly the reason why most teenagers suffer from acne as a  result of the surge in hormones.

When too many hormone androgens are produced and secreted to your blood stream, your sebaceous glands get the signals saying “Produce more oil! We need more!” so your oil glands will start producing more and more sebum. As mentioned in one of the earlier paragraphs, when this excess facial oil mixes with dead skin cells, your pores will inevitably get blocked. This oily, sticky mixture of sebum, dead skin cells and dirt then causes the number of natural bacteria to multiply (which is easy to understand, since these acne-causing bacteria thrive on oily susbtances).

Why Do Some Teenagers NOT Get Acne?

Here’s an interesting question – if all teenagers get a huge boost of hormone levels during puberty, why do some of them have near perfect skin then? Let’s examine the possible answers for this question:

  • Some teenagers actually put in a lot of effort to take care of their skin. This obviously helps treat and prevent acne (but only to some degree because skin care alone does nothing much to stop severe acne).
  • When a teenager’s body is overflowing with excess androgens, their livers should quickly react and remove the excess hormones from their body.
  •  So if your liver is not performing at the optimum level and overworked from a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits, then your blood stays loaded with huge amounts toxins and hormones, since the liver does not have the capacity or the ability to process and dispose these wastes efficiently.

What About Adult Acne?

Hormone production should normalize by your early 20?s but acne breakouts can still happen in adulthood. In truth, more and more adults are now suffering from acne. This was not the case 50 years ago, and many health experts suspect this drastic rise in adult acne is a result of poor diet, increased stress levels and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

An adult has far fewer androgens compared to a teenager, but if your detoxification system – your liver is damaged and not efficient, then the extra amounts of androgen may still linger inside your body. This also triggers your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which leads to the start of the acne cycle.

How to Optimize the Functionality of Your Liver – So That Excess Hormones Can Be Filtered and Eliminated

Now that you know why, in order to get rid of acne and achieve a perfect clear skin, you should maintain the efficiency of your liver, it’s time to learn exactly how to do that!

Yes you want to get rid of acne, and correcting and maintaining your liver’s health is probably the first step. But what can you do to improve your liver’s functions?

Here’s how:

  1. According to specialists in liver, there are several key nutrients that are required to safely remove androgenic hormones from your system.
    You will need to supply your body with these nutrients – Vitamin complex, essential fatty acids like omega-3, DHA and EPA, zinc, magnesium as well as calcium saccharate. You can easily get all these nutrients by taking an organic and natural multi-nutrient supplement.
  2. Milk thistle is one of the best liver detoxifying herbal supplements that works amazingly well.
  3. Cut down on fatty foods, junk foods, soda, carbonated drinks, and processed beverage and foods which put a heavy load on your liver.
  4. Drink more water and get your fruits and veges’.

Conclusion: It’s important to ensure that you have a good liver in excellent working condition. A good liver ensures zero excess androgenic hormones which can lead to the formation of acne. You can easily improve your liver’s health by cutting down on processed foods, eating more leafy greens and fruits, drinking more water, taking a milk thistle herbal supplement, and supplying your body with all the liver cleansing nutrients mentioned above.

(If you are looking for a simple program that you can follow so that you can achieve a clear skin, make sure you check this natural acne treatment program out now.)

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